AN idyllic, and  distinctive CHARTERING, CRUISING & ON-BOARD  STAY experience IN SAN FRANCISCO BAY

Company Profile

Penny Lane Yacht


Founded: 2013

Founders: Hemant Surendran & Dan Anderson

Each morning, you’ll awaken refreshed, to a complimentary continental breakfast, or if you choose, to the tantalizing smells of a 5-star breakfast as the Owner, an award winning Executive Chef, prepares a delectable personal gourmet menu featuring California’s freshest ingredients. Afterwards, sit and relax with a coffee or tea in the main salon while you ponder how best to fill your day... 

​We are just a stone’s throw from Oakland and the East Bay area with its wonderful dining venues, entertainment, Wineries and outdoor activities, and only 10 minutes from downtown San Francisco, with its eclectic history and wonderfully exotic cultural diversity.
Whatever you choose, you are never far from any activity or adventure!

And for those who seek a little more than a place to rest your weary bones, the wonderfully distinct benefit of your accommodation choice is that it is fully mobile! Let’s accentuate your stay with a customized Bay cruise taking full advantage of all of the world famous, and the rather infamous sights along the way.
We have 2-3-4 or even 6 hr. cruises available - you decide what best fits your budget, time frame or interest.

Of course this is all too good not to share -- why not invite up to five other friends or family members to enjoy this quietly intimate setting with you?

​ Come on. Escape with us, and drift away from the every day.

​You’ll be glad you did.
Nestled within the tranquil waters surrounding Alameda island, we have crafted for you — the discerning traveler, the erudite business professional, the avant-garde adventurer — a most sophisticated leisure opportunity.

Come and indulge your senses aboard ‘Penny Lane’, our elegantly appointed 55ft Californian motor yacht.

Why not leave the hassle and hustle of land-based lodging to the tourist crowds? 
Within mere minutes of our meeting you’ll find yourself starting to unwind as the quiet surroundings release your stress and tension to drift away with the tide. And moments after unpacking in one of our 3 staterooms, you’ll be sitting on our aft deck with your feet up, our welcome drink in your hand, listening to nothing but the gentle sounds of lapping water.

​Yes. You have this is all to yourself.

Welcome Aboard!